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Michael Conover

Michael Conover
Staff Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Website | @vagabondjack

A Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, Michael Conover develops machine learning infrastructure that leverages the relationships and behavior of hundreds of millions of individuals. His academic research on propaganda campaigns and political polarization has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Science, the MIT Technology Review, and on National Public Radio.


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Michael Conover (LinkedIn)
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A core element of product innovation and successful predictive modeling, information visualization plays a central role in effective data processing pipelines. In this talk, we will explore how the technologies and workflow patterns used by LinkedIn data scientists can be applied to analytical challenges found across a wide variety of problem domains. Read more.
Office Hour
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Michael Conover (LinkedIn)
Michael’s talk at Strata explores how LinkedIn uses information visualization technologies and details best practices. Meet with Michael if you’d like to learn techniques for information visualization at scale, and best practices for building robust, reliable production machine-learning workflows. Read more.