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David Chaiken
Member of the technical staff, Altiscale

Website | @headenddavid

David Chaiken is a member of the technical staff at Altiscale, a start-up in Palo Alto that runs Hadoop as a service for other companies.

Before Altiscale, David served as the Chief Architect of Yahoo!, where he led teams building consumer advertising and media systems with Hadoop at their core. Over his career, David has also built voice search products for consumers, mobile enterprise applications, network management systems, project management software, a large-scale multiprocessor architecture, a tablet computer and several other information appliances.

David is an experienced speaker at industry conferences including keynoting the Saturn Conference and presenting at the ACM Chennai Chapter Lectures.

David’s favorite technologies include the RSA encryption algorithm, the C programming language, the ARM instruction set architecture, the CentOS distribution of Linux, and the build-on-grid-push-to-serving design pattern. In 1994, David earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.


Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom J
Soam Acharya (Altiscale), Charles Wimmer (Altiscale), David Chaiken (Altiscale)
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(2.33, 6 ratings)
The growing popularity of Hadoop has led to an increasing number of clusters worldwide. Priming these clusters with data from existing client repositories is difficult due to a number of issues including data size, network constraints, security & lack of domain knowledge. In this talk, we present a number of techniques & best practices for uploading large amounts of data to remote Hadoop clusters. Read more.