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Director, Product Management, Solarwinds

J.R.joined Rackspace in 2012 and currently drives Product Marketing for Data and Platform Services. J.R. came to Rackspace from Microsoft where he helped drive Product Management and Engineering for the app developer platforms and data access services in Office and SharePoint from 2006 to 2012. Before Microsoft, he was Director of Corporate Development at BMC Software driving Strategy and M&A initiatives in the areas of Application and Database Performance Management. Prior to BMC Software he was a lead software architect and engineering manager for eCommerce at Compaq.


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J R ARREDONDO (Solarwinds)
We will discuss Rackspace’s vision for Data-as-a-Service, and provide a few key questions that could help you complement your technical analysis when choosing a database service. Along the way, we will also discuss parts of the portfolio of data services available at Rackspace, including SQL, MongoDB, Redis and Hadoop-based solutions. Read more.