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Henrik Brink

Henrik Brink
Director of Engineering,

Website | @brinkar

Henrik Brink is CTO and co-founder of He has worked in industry and academia designing and implementing large-scale distributed software projects used in production around the globe. He has previously founded and managed a consultancy business focused on scalable backend systems and modern web technologies. Henrik has a Physics degree from University of Copenhagen and has worked as a researcher and data scientist at UC Berkeley. He has published papers in the intersection of software development and machine learning on real-world messy data, and has a good handle on the latest developments in software development, machine learning and distributed architectures.


Hardcore Data Science
Ballroom AB
Henrik Brink (, Joshua Bloom (GE Digital)
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Going from raw data to reproducible and production-ready machine-learning in data pipelines and applications is an unsolved problem, leaving businesses with their valuable data unused. New algorithms and frameworks aim to improve the situation and this talk will introduce some of these using examples of real-world machine learning projects. Read more.