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Justin Langseth

Justin Langseth
Founder & CEO, Zoomdata, Inc.

Website | @justinlangseth

Justin is CEO of Zoomdata, Inc. Prior to Zoomdata, Justin was the co-founder of Clarabridge and the inventor of Clarabridge’s award-winning, patented, text analytics software.

Prior to Clarabridge, Justin co-founded and was CTO of Claraview, a BI strategy and technology consultancy, which was sold to Teradata in 2008. Before founding Claraview, Justin served as founder and CTO of, a real-time data analysis and alerting subsidiary of MicroStrategy.

Prior to launching, he was a technology program manager and consultant at MicroStrategy, designing the second-generation web-based BI tool for MicroStrategy, and working with large customers on their BI deployments.

In the early 1990′s Justin was active in the BBS community, and he authored and marketed the EIS-PC BBS system. Justin is an expert in text mining, specifically related to integration of unstructured content. He currently holds seven technology patents. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received an SB in Management of Information Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.


GA Ballroom K
Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Eva Andreasson (Cloudera)
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(3.75, 4 ratings)
Storing massive data is one challenge. Making it useful throughout all levels of a company in real time is quite another. The ability to intuitively sort, sift and analyze data through touch and gesture is here. We will review several case studies of how companies are creating an intuitive data driven cultures through Cloudera Search, leveraging Impala coupled with Zoomdata visualization. Read more.
GA Ballroom K
Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Gus Hunt (CIA)
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(2.75, 12 ratings)
The true power of big data will be realized when average people can use complex analytics to solve everyday problems. We will describe a future engagement model derived from work in the Intelligence Community, reviewing real-world use cases showing how user-centric design is transforming big data from a science requiring specialists to elegant visualizations that deliver insight to average users. Read more.
Office Hour
Table B
Eva Andreasson (Cloudera), Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Gus Hunt (CIA)
If you’re looking for new insights from previously siloed data sources, or ideas on how to instantly understand, visualize, and use data, meet with Eva, Justin, and Gus. They’ll answer questions on the enterprise data hub: what is it, why enterprises are executing against EDH strategies, and where Cloudera plays a role. Read more.