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Ion Stoica
Professor, UC Berkeley

Ion Stoica is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where he does research on cloud computing and networked computer systems. Past work includes the Dynamic Packet State (DPS), Chord DHT, Internet Indirection Infrastructure (i3), declarative networks, replay-debugging, and multi-layer tracing in distributed systems. His current research includes resource management and scheduling for data centers, cluster computing frameworks, and network architectures. He is the recipient of a SIGCOMM Test of Time Award, the CoNEXT Rising Star Award, the PECASE Award, and the ACM doctoral dissertation award. Ion also co-founded Conviva, a startup to commercialize technologies for large scale video distribution.


Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom K
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Sameer Agarwal (UC Berkeley), Tathagata Das (Databricks), Ali Ghodsi (UC Berkeley), Ion Stoica (UC Berkeley), Ameet Talwalkar (Carnegie Mellon University | Determined AI), Reynold Xin (Databricks), Matei Zaharia (Databricks), Joseph Gonzalez (UC Berkeley)
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(4.29, 7 ratings)
3-Hours: An introduction to the newest components of the open-source Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) in development at UC Berkeley (and an overview of existing ones). BlinkDB is a SQL engine that provides fast approximate distributed query results. MLbase includes a library to make machine learning at scale easy. Tachyon is a file system that provides memory speed sharing across frameworks.. Read more.