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Mike Wendt

Mike Wendt
Manager, Applied Solutions Engineering, NVIDIA


Michael Wendt is a R&D Associate Manager at Accenture Technology Labs in San Jose, CA. Since joining Accenture Technology Labs, Michael has worked with Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm and other Big Data technologies. His research work includes benchmarking bare-metal and cloud-based Hadoop clusters, comparing their price-performance ratio. In addition to his research work on Hadoop, he has advised and helped clients to deploy Hadoop systems and contributed to the design and development a real-time stream processing platform consisting of Storm and Cassandra. Michael has a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Maryland: College Park.


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Mike Wendt (NVIDIA)
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In this session, we will share the results of our study, a price-performance comparison of a bare-metal Hadoop cluster and cloud-based Hadoop clusters. Read more.