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Ben Waber

Ben Waber
President and CEO, Sociometric Solutions

Website | @bwaber

Dr. Ben Waber is the president and CEO of Sociometric Solutions, a management services firm that uses social-sensing technology to drive innovative transformation services. He is also a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, and he was previously a senior researcher at Harvard Business School. He received his Ph.D. from MIT for his work with Alex “Sandy” Pentland in the Human Dynamics group at the Media Lab. Waber’s work has been featured in major media outlets such as Wired, The Economist, and NPR. He has consulted for industry leaders such as LG, McKinsey & Company, and Gartner on technology trends, social networks, and organizational design. His book People Analytics was released by the Financial Times Press in 2013.


Data Driven Business
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Ben Waber (Sociometric Solutions)
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Today companies have no idea what makes their best employees tick, or why one team outperforms another that has the exact same processes. With the explosion of sensors in the workplace, however, we can now discover these best practices in real time. Using real-world case studies, we'll discuss how this fundamentally changes how people work, manage, and change. Read more.
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Ben Waber (Sociometric Solutions)
If you want to determine your organization’s best practices with sensors, meet with Ben to explore what makes people effective at work today—and what could make them effective in the future. That includes People Analytics—using big data about human behavior to manage organizations—and deriving meaningful metrics out of sensor data. Read more.