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Krista Schnell

Krista Schnell
Thought Leadership Research Associate Manager, Accenture


Krista Schnell is a Thought Leadership Content Producer in Accenture’s Technology Labs and a co-author of the Accenture Technology Vision, which influences Accenture’s own technology investments and helps direct technology investment strategies at top-tier clients over a 3-5 year horizon.

Prior to joining the Technology Vision team, Krista worked with the Data Insights R&D group at the Accenture Technology Labs, where she specialized in researching and developing data visualization solutions. Krista has a BS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.


Data Driven Business
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Krista Schnell (Accenture)
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Everyone wants to know, how do I get the most value out of my data? Data requires time and money for proper ingestion, transformation, and analysis, so there better be some concrete ROI. While there are many internal uses for this data (the importance of which cannot be overstated), in this “Insight Economy,” companies must realize that the value of data extends outside the organization as well. Read more.