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Eva Andreasson

Eva Andreasson
Director, Product Management, Cloudera


Eva Andreasson has been working with Java virtual machine technologies, SOA, Cloud, and other enterprise middleware solutions for the past 10 years. Joined the startup Appeal Virtual Machines in 2001, as a developer of the JRockit JVM, which later was acquired by BEA Systems. Eva has been awarded two patents on Garbage Collection heuristics and algorithms. She also pioneered Deterministic Garbage Collection which later became productized through JRockit Real Time. Eva has worked closely with Sun and Intel on many technical partnerships, as well as various integration projects of JRockit Product Group, WebLogic, and Coherence (post the Oracle acquisition in 2008). After two years as the product manager for Zing, the worlds most pauseless JVM, at Azul Systems, she joined Cloudera in 2012 to help drive the future of distributed data processing through Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop.


GA Ballroom K
Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Eva Andreasson (Cloudera)
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Storing massive data is one challenge. Making it useful throughout all levels of a company in real time is quite another. The ability to intuitively sort, sift and analyze data through touch and gesture is here. We will review several case studies of how companies are creating an intuitive data driven cultures through Cloudera Search, leveraging Impala coupled with Zoomdata visualization. Read more.
Office Hour
Table B
Eva Andreasson (Cloudera), Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Gus Hunt (CIA)
If you’re looking for new insights from previously siloed data sources, or ideas on how to instantly understand, visualize, and use data, meet with Eva, Justin, and Gus. They’ll answer questions on the enterprise data hub: what is it, why enterprises are executing against EDH strategies, and where Cloudera plays a role. Read more.