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Max Shron

Max Shron
Head of Data Science, Warby Parker


Max Shron is a New York-based data strategist. He provides expertise and mentorship to organizations across a wide array of sizes and industry verticals. He spearheads complex projects and provides a critical look at how organizations use data. Max was previously the lead data scientist at OkCupid, where he did data work for the widely read OkTrends blog. His personal work has appeared worldwide, including in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post and on WNYC. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.


Connected World
Mission City M
Max Shron (Warby Parker)
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Why have powerful tools if you aren't asking the right questions? Good questions trump shiny tools, but our community has done little to improve how we train people in the "soft side" of data science. We will show how to borrow ideas from design, the humanities, consulting practices to structure problems and improve the questions we ask of our data. Read more.
Office Hour
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Max Shron (Warby Parker)
It’s problem formation that makes data science live up to its potential. If you want advice on problem formation and communication, meet with Max to discuss how to frame data problems effectively, and how to keep from working on things that later turn out to be useless. Find out what you can learn from other disciplines about how to ask good questions before you collect data. Read more.