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Felienne Hermans

Felienne Hermans
Assistant professor, Delft University of Technology

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Felienne is a professor and an entrepreneur in the field of spreadsheets. Her PhD thesis centers around techniques to extract information from spreadsheets and present that in a visual way, to support users in improving and understanding them. In 2010 Felienne founded Infotron, a start up that uses the algorithms developed during the PhD project to analyze spreadsheet quality for large companies. In her spare time, Felienne volunteers as a judge for the First Lego League, a world wide technology competition for kids.


Hadoop and Beyond
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Felienne Hermans (Delft University of Technology)
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Spreadsheets are used extensively in industry: they are the number one tool for financial analysis. But they are as easy to build, as they are difficult to analyze, maintain and check. Felienne’s research aims at developing methods to support spreadsheet users to understand, update and improve spreadsheets. Read more.
Office Hour
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Felienne Hermans (Delft University of Technology)
Meet Felienne to talk about everything to do with spreadsheets, such as measuring spreadsheet quality, keeping track of spreadsheets in an organization, and improving “legacy” spreadsheets. Learn how to test existing and new spreadsheets, and how to migrate from spreadsheets to other BI tools. Read more.