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Matt Quinn

Matt Quinn
Chief Technology Officer, TIBCO Software, Inc.

Website | @TIBCO

Matt Quinn has been with TIBCO for 14 years. During this time he has had several worldwide roles. As CTO, Mr. Quinn works with all product groups to create a common, corporate-wide vision for all of TIBCO’s products and technologies; ensures interoperability between TIBCO’s various products families, as well as consistent architectural approaches across all groups; and provides overall leadership and coordination of TIBCO’s product plans and technology direction. Up until his new role as CTO, Mr. Quinn has been responsible for the Composite Application Group (CAG). This group encompasses TIBCO’s SOA, BPM, Infrastructure, Monitoring and Management, Governance and User Experience technologies. This group is responsible end-to-end for the engineering, quality, delivery of product, product vision, and customer enablement. Earlier in his TIBCO career, Mr. Quinn was a global architect, responsible for the delivery of some of TIBCO’s largest implementations in diverse areas such as transportation and logistics, energy and finance. This was a hands-on role, building real systems architecture for production customers.


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Matt Quinn (TIBCO Software, Inc.)
Big Data is really a small data mindset. At the enterprise-level, where the potential for data collection is greatest, companies are still stuck compartmentalizing data. TIBCO CTO Matt Quinn will share how the world’s leading sports teams, airlines, banks and retailers are those that change their Big Data mindset to an All Data one. Read more.