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Mike Stringer

Mike Stringer
Cofounder and Managing Partner, Datascope Analytics

Website | @mstringer

Mike Stringer is co-founder and managing partner of Datascope Analytics, a consulting and design firm, where he has lead or contributed to projects across a variety of industries for clients including Procter & Gamble, Thomson Reuters, and other leading companies. Mike is passionate about realizing the potential for data to be used as a resource to make a positive impact on business and society.
He also enjoys decidedly non data-oriented activities, including exploring the amazing food in Chicago, playing and listening to music, and generally making things from scratch. Mike received a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado and a PhD in physics from Northwestern University.


Room 204
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Mike Stringer (Datascope Analytics), Dean Malmgren (Datascope Analytics), Laurie Skelly (Datascope Analytics)
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As with many other types of projects, the most crucial part of any data-oriented project is choosing an appropriate problem or opportunity to focus on in the first place. Read more.
Office Hour
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Mike Stringer (Datascope Analytics), Dean Malmgren (Datascope Analytics)
If you’ve got the data down, but design thinking is still a headache, talk to Michael and Dean about how to build rapid iteration into your data science processes. You’ll find out how to distill dashboards into their essential parts, and make complex analyses understandable to the layperson. Read more.