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Jeffrey Kelly

Jeffrey Kelly
Principal Research Contributor, The Wikibon Project

Website | @jeffreyfkelly

Jeffrey F. Kelly is a Principal Research Contributor at The Wikibon Project, an open source research and advisory firm based in Boston. His research focus is the business impact of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy. Mr. Kelly’s research has been quoted and referenced by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Forbes,, IDG News, TechTarget and more. Reach him by email at or Twitter at @jeffreyfkelly.


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Jeffrey Kelly (The Wikibon Project)
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Organizations are now moving beyond rigid and high latency data warehouse environments to more flexible and cost-effective "Data Lake(s)": centrally managed repository using low cost technologies such as Hadoop, SQL, In-Memory, and others to land any and all data that might potentially be valuable for analysis and operationalizing that insight. Read more.