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Daniel Tunkelang

Daniel Tunkelang
Advisor, Various

Website | @dtunkelang

Daniel Tunkelang leads LinkedIn’s efforts around query understanding. Before that, he led LinkedIn’s product data science team. He previously led a local search quality team at Google and was a founding employee of Endeca (acquired by Oracle in 2011). He has written a textbook on faceted search, and is a recognized advocate of human-computer interaction and information retrieval (HCIR). He has spoken at three previous Strata conferences, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Big Data. He has a PhD in Computer Science from CMU, as well as BS and MS degrees from MIT.


Data in Action
Ballroom CD
Sriram Sankar (LinkedIn), Daniel Tunkelang (Various)
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Social networks bring a new dimension to search. Instead of looking for web pages, users search a world of entities connected by a rich graph of relationships. Serving billions of deeply personalized searches creates unique infrastructure and relevance challenges for LinkedIn. We'll describe how we've addressed those challenges and discuss implications of social networks for the future of search. Read more.