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Kaushik Das

Kaushik Das
Senior Principal Data Scientist, Pivotal


Kaushik Das is an expert at applying mathematical models to solve business problems. He has more than 10 years of experience designing and deploying analytical software, working for enterprise software companies such as Rapt, Demandtec and M-Factor as well as in business consulting with McKinsey. After joining EMC’s Data Computing Division as Director of Analytics, Kaushik has led several projects to provide actionable insights from the analysis of big data, for customers in a variety of sectors ranging from Utility, Oil & Gas, to Banking, and Digital Media. Kaushik is leveraging his Geophysics PhD-level academic work to lead our efforts to build out an analytics practice for the Energy sector, where Big Data holds great promise.


Mission City
Kaushik Das (Pivotal)
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The emerging Internet Of Things (IOT) enables us to build smart systems. We already have the sensory and motor parts of these systems available, but we don't have the brain. This is where data science comes into the picture! I will talk about how we are using big data technologies in conjunction with data science here at Pivotal to build the digital brain that makes a system smart. Read more.