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Office Hour with Spark and Databricks Developers

Andy Konwinski (Databricks), Matei Zaharia (Databricks), Patrick Wendell (Databricks), Pat McDonough (Databricks)
Office Hour
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Matei, Patrick, Andy, and Pat are the Spark and Databricks developers. If you have an interest in Spark (and who doesn’t ?), stop by during their office hours to ask about:

  • The Spark project and future roadmap
  • Spark release plan and features
  • Upcoming projects like: GraphX, Tackyon, and SparkR
Photo of Andy Konwinski

Andy Konwinski

Postdoc, Databricks

Andy Konwinski is a postdoc in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley focused on large scale distributed computing and cluster scheduling. He co-created and is a committer on the Apache Mesos project that has been adopted by Twitter as their private cloud platform. He also worked with systems engineers and researchers at Google on Omega, their next generation cluster scheduling system. More recently, he lead the AMP Camp Big Data Bootcamp and has been contributing to the Spark project.

Photo of Matei Zaharia

Matei Zaharia

CTO, Databricks

Matei Zaharia started the Spark project at UC Berkeley and is currently CTO of Databricks. He serves as Spark’s vice president at Apache. In spring 2015, he is also beginning an assistant professor position at MIT.

Photo of Patrick Wendell

Patrick Wendell

Cofounder of Databricks, Databricks

Patrick Wendell is a cofounder of Databricks as well as a founding committer and PMC member of Apache Spark. Patrick has acted as release manager for several Spark releases in addition to maintaining several subsystems of Spark’s core engine. At Databricks, Patrick directs the company’s maintenance and development of Spark.

Patrick holds an MS in computer science from UC Berkeley, where his research focused on low-latency scheduling for large-scale analytics workloads, and a BSE in computer science from Princeton University.

Photo of Pat McDonough

Pat McDonough

Director, Client Solutions, Databricks

Pat McDonough has been an avid proponent and user of open source since the days when the average corporation still thought it was a crazy idea to use it for legitimate business. For the last half decade, he’s been working at companies built around open source, helping their customers build platform solutions for applications, integration, and big data. Pat works at Databricks with the core team from the Apache Spark project, working every day to grow the Spark community and user base.