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Office Hour with Adam Marcus

Adam Marcus (B12)
Office Hour
Table C
Do you want to know how to build mixed crowdsourced-machine learning pipelines to make sense of your data? See Adam to find out:
  • How to train a classifier that makes judgements better than the crowd that trained it with tens of thousands of data points
  • How to apply lessons from other fields like user interface design and cognitive science to your crowd-powered workflows
  • How to build a hierarchical crowd of several hundred crowd workers to be self-regulating and self-training
Photo of Adam Marcus

Adam Marcus

Cofounder and CTO, B12

Adam Marcus is a cofounder and CTO of B12, a company building a better future of creative and analytical work, starting with design. With Orchestra, its open source project management system for experts and machines, B12 automatically generates websites for clients (algorithmic design) and then recruits wonderful designers and art directors to fill in the details from the algorithmically generated starting points. (This summer, B12 announced the close of a $12.4M Series A funding round.) Previously, Adam was director of data at Locu, a startup that was acquired by GoDaddy. He has written widely on crowdsourcing and data management and processing, including coauthoring a book, Crowdsourced Data Management: Industry and Academic Perspectives. He is a recipient of the NSF and NDSEG fellowships and has worked at ITA, Google, IBM, and FactSet. Adam holds a PhD in computer science from MIT, where he researched database systems and human computation. In his free time, he builds course content to get people excited about data and programming.