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Office Hour with Soam Acharya and Charles Wimmer

Soam Acharya (Altiscale), Charles Wimmer (Altiscale)
Office Hour
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Soam’s talk “Making Big Data Portable” will get you thinking about the potential pitfalls of moving large quantities of data between Hadoop clusters. Meet with Soam to explore any of the following topics in greater depth:

  • The limitations of using Hadoop’s DistCp to copy data from one cluster to another
  • Ensuring security for in-transit data
  • How to leverage services and tools such as S3 and rsync
  • When to transfer data over networks and when to use disk.
Photo of Soam Acharya

Soam Acharya

Head of Application Architecture, Altiscale

Soam is Head of Application Architecture at Altiscale, a company building the world’s best hadoop clusters. Previously, he was Chief Scientist and Architect of the Video Platform group at Limelight Networks and Delve (acquired by Limelight) where he was responsible for video analytics, Hadoop, semantic video search, hybrid AWS cloud architectures as well as operations and infrastructure projects.

In the past, Soam worked on web and enterprise search at Inktomi where he was a key member of the GigaDoc project, one of the world’s earliest billion-document web search index. Following Inktomi, he was at LookSmart where he was involved with web search relevance and contextual advertising. Finally, at Yahoo, Soam served as technical lead for various initiatives intended to significantly boost revenue from Yahoo’s sponsored search platform.

Soam’s graduate thesis was in the area of multimedia systems where he pioneered work in Internet based video access and storage characterization, transcoding and distributed video caching. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Charles Wimmer

Head of Operations, Altiscale

Prior to joining Altiscale, Charles was Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn in their web operations team, managing their Apache Traffic Server and HAProxy. Prior to LinkedIn, he was a Principal Service Engineer at Yahoo!, where he ran tens of thousands of nodes in some of the world’s largest Hadoop clusters. He has experience in all aspects of large-scale technical operations—from network to storage to distributed systems. Charles has spoken at Hadoop Summits and Big Data Camps on the subject of Hadoop operations.