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Transforming Search Engine Marketing at

Mohit Sati (
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an important revenue opportunity for, planned to nearly double in 2014. Fueled by growth and acquisitions such as and, the keyword portfolio is targeted to grow by 90x through 2014.

SEM Analytics at involves tens of millions of bid/cost metrics captured daily, hundreds of millions of keywords in the portfolio, and billions of cost metrics stored over time.

Learn how manages its keyword portfolio for Search Engine Marketing with InfiniDB to deliver:

  • Real-time access to the data
  • Cost savings
  • Enable new analytic insights
  • Provide access to new business opportunities
  • Reduced operational overhead

This session is sponsored by InfiniDB

Mohit Sati

Senior Manager, Data and Analytics,

Mohit Sati is a Senior Manager, Data and Analytics at with Search Engine Maketing (SEM) group. Mohit is responsible for building solutions using InfiniDB and Apache Hadoop ecosystem including HDFS, Hive and Pig. Mohit has extensive experience in both SQL and NoSQL databases. In addition, Mohit’s team also provides solutions using MySQL and Redis. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Santa Clara University