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Scalable PostgreSQL as your data platform

Ben Redman (Citus Data)
Ballroom G
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As the realm of data science expands we are examining both more data and more diverse types of data to give us insights. This double whammy of data volume and data diversity has led many to explore new data storage and querying techniques. CitusDB helps solve this problem by enabling you to use PostgreSQL’s rich ecosystem to build a highly scalable data platform that supports all your data.

PostgreSQL allows users to easily build and share extensions that can enable new data types, new SQL operators, and new storage formats. Since new extension mechanisms became available in 2011 PostgreSQL has been augmented for a large and variable number of purposes. We’ll look at three different ways PostgreSQL has been extended and discuss how CitusDB leverages these referencing real world examples:

  • Storing and querying semi-structured data using new data types such as hstore
  • Custom operations such as distinct approximations to allow faster and more scalable queries
  • Use of new storage techniques such as columnar stores to allow fast querying of massive datasets

CitusDB integrates with PostgreSQL to bring you benefits of performance and scalability while retaining the reliability, functionality, and extensibility of PostgreSQL. We’ll look at how this integration happens and how CitusDB can help you build a scalable data platform using commodity hardware.

This session is sponsored by Citus Data

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Ben Redman

Software Developer, Citus Data

Ben is a software developer at Citus Data. Prior to working at Citus Data, Ben spent over 8 years at Amazon working on diverse areas such as personalization, search relevance, and distributed website rendering. His most recent 4 years at Amazon were spent working on AWS where was an early developer on CloudFront and a founding member of the Route 53 team. Ben holds a BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and has come a long way from his humble upbringing on the mean streets of Canada.