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Office Hour with Max Richman

Max Richman (Mobile Accord - GeoPoll)
Office Hour
Table B

Max’s field of expertise includes using data for international development and emerging markets. Meet with Max to discuss:

  • Data landscape for international development (actors, tools, resources)
  • Research design and survey methodology (workshop new ideas)
  • Getting started self-teaching & mentoring in data science (learning how to learn)
  • Open-source data science tools (tools of the trade)
  • Any questions/conversations based on talk about lessons learned from sending millions of surveys on mobile phones around the world
Photo of Max Richman

Max Richman

Data Scientist, Mobile Accord - GeoPoll

Data Scientist focused on international development and emerging markets. Has worked with foundations, governments, non-profits, and private firms large and small around the world to help them monitor, evaluate, and communicate their impact. Currently chief Data Scientist at GeoPoll leading research and development of a platform for sending surveys to mobile phones anywhere on the planet. Recognized DataKind “Data Hero.”