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Office Hour with Nick Kolegraff

Nick Kolegraff (Rackspace)
Office Hour
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Are you building a data team? Nick can offer great advice on:

  • Building a data team
  • Lessons learned through multiple attempts
  • Organizational challenges with data
Photo of Nick Kolegraff

Nick Kolegraff

Director of Data Science, Rackspace

Nick is the Director of Data Science at Rackspace. He leads their data visualization and machine learning teams focused on data products. In previous dimensions, he was the lead data scientist at one of the worlds largest global management consulting firms where a portion of his time was spent helping design and structure the companies strategy around building data science departments, the other portion was spent starting and incubating data science inside fortune 500 companies. He got his start designing hardware devices for voice controlled medical beds and then became more interested in intelligent non-living things. Later, he designed and implemented scalable backend systems for predictive modeling products as well as a few production recommender systems for large retailers. Nick holds a BS in Statistics and a BA in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.