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In-Hadoop Analytics: Bringing analytics to big data

Mission City
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Big Data without analytics is just data, but how do you perform the analytics? For many, this is a sequential process: process your big data and then move it to where you can perform analytics. But what happens when you can perform analytics wherever your big data sits? This notion of In-Hadoop analytics is changing the game for the possibilities of Hadoop.

This keynote is sponsored by IBM

Photo of Anjul Bhambhri

Anjul Bhambhri

VP, Big Data, IBM

Anjul Bhambhri is the Vice President of Big Data Products at IBM. She was previously the Director of IBM Optim application and data life cycle management tools. She is a seasoned professional with over twenty-two years in the database industry. Over this time, Anjul has held various engineering and management positions at IBM, Informix and Sybase. Prior to her assignment in tools, Anjul spearheaded the development of XML capabilities in IBM’s DB2 database server. She is a recipient of the YWCA of Silicon Valley’s “Tribute to Women in Technology” award for 2009. Anjul holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.