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Scale-Invariant Intelligence

Vin Sharma (Intel)
Ballroom H

In the beginning only the phones were smart. Or so it seemed. Sensors, devices, systems, buildings. cities, and networks, especially the networks, were merely awash in data. But emerging from this primordial soup are prototypical structures of data-driven intelligence – aggregators, gateways, reservoirs, queries, models, graphs, and triggers. Linked in from data edge to data center, these elements are recomposing data analysis with novel distributed architectures. Intel is well known for accelerating such architectural shifts in the industry with new computing platforms at ever smaller scales of hardware. Less known are our current efforts to build end-to-end reference architectures for distributed analytics using open source software such as Hadoop, Lustre, and GraphBuilder. In this session, I will illustrate these architectures with real-world examples of city governments, retail banks, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and Intel itself applying intelligence wherever data lives.

This session is sponsored by Intel

Photo of Vin Sharma

Vin Sharma

Director, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Big Data Analytics , Intel

Vin Sharma is responsible for ecosystem enablement and strategic marketing for Apache Hadoop at Intel. In his previous role, Vin helped enable enterprise adoption of Linux, KVM, and OpenStack on Intel Architecture, and represented Intel on the boards of the Open Virtualization Alliance and the OpenStack Foundation. Before joining Intel in 2011, Vin held various engineering and product management roles at HP for 15 years, helping develop and market enterprise software products based on Linux, Java, XML, and other open source software.