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Getting a Handle on Hadoop and its Potential to Catalyze a New Information Architecture Model

Milan Vaclavik (CenturyLink Technology Solutions)
Ballroom H
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Hadoop is emerging from the shadows of proof-of-concept projects to become a catalyst for a big data revolution. By combining open source modus operandi, commodity hardware economics, and new data analytics opportunities, Hadoop is being viewed by its more ardent advocates as the leading platform that will usher in the most significant information architecture advances in a generation. However, there are still some skeptics. Vendors and loyalists of more traditional information management products and services see Hadoop as more of a feature than a new product category, i.e., a useful and complementary extension to earlier enterprise data platforms, but not a disruptive shift.

The reality is almost certainly somewhere between these polarized perspectives, although “actual results may vary” depending on the industry domain and business data intensity of the organization seeking to leverage Hadoop and big data solutions in general.

In this presentation, Sr. Director and Solution Lead for CenturyLink Technology Solution’s big data solution, Milan Vaclavik and Chief Architect, Consumer Brands, John Martin provide a straightforward approach for understanding how Hadoop and related big data market dynamics fit into the broader IT market landscape. They will discuss why Hadoop alone is not a panacea for achieving information insight success and provide a robust framework for understanding the past, present, and future directions of Hadoop and big data market dynamics.

Presenters will share considerations such as:

  • The strategic significance of infrastructure core services (compute, storage, network, and comprehensive security) required for robust big data solutions
  • The strategic significance of Hadoop 2.0, Hadoop/NoSQL convergence, and the critical need for effective modeling, query formulation, and data analysis capabilities as Hadoop becomes an enterprise platform for big data.
  • Guidance on how an enterprise grade service-centric approach can help organizations of all sizes optimize the promise of big data dynamics while avoiding related pitfalls.

This session is sponsored by CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Photo of Milan Vaclavik

Milan Vaclavik

Sr. Director, Big Data Solution Management, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Milan Vaclavik is Sr. Director and Solution Lead for CenturyLink Technology Solution’s big data solutions. For more than 20 years, he has been bringing innovative software solutions to market in a variety of industries including enterprise messaging and collaboration, digital rights management, document automation, supply chain management, and physical security. He has held senior product management, marketing and business development positions with startup software firms, as well as larger organizations such as Lotus Development/IBM, GE and LexisNexis. Milan holds a bachelors degree in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Finance and Management of the Organization from Columbia Business School.