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Harness Data in Real-Time with Infinite Storage

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir (SAP Labs LLC.)
Ballroom F

To seize the future data must be harnessed in actionable time. Based on a real deployment see how you can achieve instant results with infinite storage. This example filters large amounts of cold data in Hadoop, analyzes it in Real-Time in the SAP HANA platform and visualizes it with SAP Lumira. Apache Hadoop is often seen as synonymous with Big Data and has found a place alongside established databases and data warehouses in today’s enterprise. The SAP HANA platform uniformly amplifies the value of Big Data across this data fabric including working with data sets that are stored in a variety of places including Hadoop. This session will demonstrate how solutions from SAP and our Hadoop partners can help your organization seize the future, harness and gain unprecedented insight from Big Data.

This session is sponsored by SAP

Photo of Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir

Director, SAP Labs LLC.

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir, is a Senior Director with SAP HANA Platform for Big Data leading the GTM and Platform Evolution portfolios. Yuvaraj has over 15 years of experience in Enterprise Software and Enterprise Architecture spanning Business Analytic Solutions, CRM and Enterprise Applications.