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How Comcast Turns Big Data into Real-Time Operational Insights

Patrick Shumate (Comcast Cable)
Ballroom H
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How do you keep up with the velocity and variety of data streaming in from
the operational systems that power your business? What about getting
analytics on your data even before you persist and replicate it? In this
talk, Comcast, one of the world’s leading media, entertainment and
communications companies, describes their blueprint for collecting,
organizing and deriving real-time operational intelligence from big data,
driving superior customer experience and delivering a critical 360 degree
view of their next-generation media service.

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Photo of Patrick Shumate

Patrick Shumate

CDN Engineer, Comcast Cable

Patrick Shumate is currently busy developing and deploying the next generation of content delivery networks for Comcast Cable. Prior to Comcast he provided security consulting to US Government Agencies and was the Senior Architect for RSA Consumer Solutions devision, bring you such hits as the Go ID – federated two factor authentication and RSA eFraudNetwork.