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Dissecting Data Science Algorithms using Spreadsheets

John Foreman (MailChimp)
Data Science
GA Ballroom J
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
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Tutorial Prerequisites

Attendees should have spreadsheet software installed on their computer. Excel (2007 or later) and LibreOffice are possibilities.

Also, attendees should download the materials from Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 8 of John Foreman’s book, Data Smart, from here:

Attendees will work through these sheets in the class.

Tutorial Description

Data science algorithms (think machine learning, clustering, outlier detection) often get conflated with the industry-standard tools and programming languages that run them. In this tutorial, John Foreman will use only spreadsheets to build models from his book Data Smart to demonstrate exactly how data science techniques work step-by-step. By building the models in spreadsheets, those who attend the tutorial will get a detailed understanding of the guts of these algorithms.

Photo of John Foreman

John Foreman

Chief Data Scientist, MailChimp

John Foreman is the Chief Data Scientist for where he leads MailChimp’s data product development effort called the Email Genome Project. He also runs the Data Science for Managers course at Analytics Made Skeezy.

John holds a graduate degree in Operations Research from MIT and has worked as an analytics consultant for the Department of Defense, Coca-Cola, Royal Caribbean International, and Intercontinental Hotels Group. His expertise is in optimization modeling, revenue management, and predictive modeling.