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NonStop HBase - Making HBase Continuously Available for Enterprise Deployment

Jagane Sundar (WANdisco)
Ballroom F
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HBase is a distributed, scalable, big data store that is often used as the database for real time, and near real time, Big Data applications. HBase availability disruptions result in non-responsive applications, data loss etc. In this presentation, the two main areas of HBase availability concerns, namely the Region Server and the HBase master are analyzed. The use of a Paxos based co-ordination system to provide multiple active Region Servers per Region is presented. The role of the HBase Master, and a robust system for providing multiple active HBase Masters are considered here.

This session is sponsored by WANdisco

Photo of Jagane Sundar

Jagane Sundar

CTO, WANdisco

Jagane Sundar has extensive big data, cloud, virtualization, and networking experience and joined WANdisco through its acquisition of AltoStor, a Hadoop-as-a-Service platform company. Before AltoStor, Jagane was founder and CEO of AltoScale, a Hadoop and HBase-as-a-Platform company acquired by VertiCloud. His experience with Hadoop began as Director of Hadoop Performance and Operability at Yahoo! Jagane has such accomplishments to his credit as the creation of Livebackup, an open source project for KVM VM backup, the development of a user mode TCP Stack for Precision I/O, the development of the NFS and PPP clients and parts of the TCP stack for JavaOS for Sun MicroSystems, and the creation and sale of a 32bit VxD based TCP Stack for Windows 3.1 to NCD Corporation for inclusion in PC-Xware. Jagane is currently a Member of the Technical Advisory Board of VertiCloud. Jagane received his B.E. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Anna University.