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Building a Data-centered Data Center for Agile Development

Justin Makeig (MarkLogic)
Ballroom G
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With a data-centered data center, you can make it easy for anyone to pull the data they need – and spend your time and money on building applications not plumbing. Attend this session to learn how learn how other companies have built – and benefited from – a data-centered infrastructure, and how the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform lets you:

  • Ingest and manage all your data, documents, and semantic triples in a flexible, schema-agnostic platform – without sacrificing the ACID transactions, granular security, database management tools and other features you’ve come to expect in a mature database platform
  • Deliver robust, real-time search and alerting within your applications
  • Use – and optimize – modern infrastructure including Hadoop and cloud to attain operational agility
  • Simplify implementation of data governance requirements around security, privacy, provenance, retention, continuity, and compliance – while reducing risk, cost, and time

This session is sponsored by MarkLogic

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Justin Makeig

Director, Product Management, MarkLogic

Justin Makeig is a Director of Product Management at MarkLogic where he oversees the suite of applications, tools, and APIs built around MarkLogic Server. He manages the company’s Hadoop strategy along with front-end application development and administration tools. Justin has over 10 years of experience designing, developing, and bringing to market data-driven applications for start-ups and large organizations using web and Big Data technologies. He holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.