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Office Hour with Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham (Rice University / RStudio)
Office Hour
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Hadley has written or contributed to over 30 R packages. If you want to express yourself with R, talk to Hadley about:

  • Data analysis/science in R
  • Interactive exploration of large in-memory datasets
  • Visualization and understanding data
Photo of Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham

Assistant Professor / Chief Scientist, Rice University / RStudio

Hadley Wickham is Chief Scientist at RStudio. He is an active member of the R community, has written and contributed to over 30 R packages, and won the John Chambers Award for Statistical Computing for his work developing tools for data reshaping and visualisation. His research focusses on how to make data analysis better, faster and easier, with a particular emphasis on the use of visualisation to better understand data and models.