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Bedtime Stories: Learning from Sleep Data

Monica Rogati (Data Natives)
Connected World
Mission City M
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We optimize ads, but not our mood. We know more about our tweets than our own bodies. That’s all about to change. As wearables transform the ‘quantified self’ from a niche to a mainstream market, they are generating vast amounts of data about our health, habits, and lifestyles.

With sleep data gathered from hundreds of thousands of UP wrist bands, we can push the boundaries of understanding our bodies beyond what was possible with traditional studies alone. We can now understand not only whether men sleep longer than women, but also how that changes with age. We know that Americans lost sleep over the Boston Marathon bombing, but not over the birth of the royal baby. We can study how jetlag affects your body, at scale. We can find out how air quality affects your movement and your health. These insights are key to encouraging people to get more sleep, rewarding them when they do, and improving the quality of their lives along the way.

Join us if you’d like to hear more about sleep, health, and a world where an ecosystem of sensors is changing what we know about ourselves.

Photo of Monica Rogati

Monica Rogati

Data Science Advisor, Data Natives

Monica Rogati is an independent data science executive and advisor who has built key data products and teams at Jawbone and LinkedIn; she now helps startups make the most out of their data. As the VP of data at Jawbone, Monica built Jawbone’s data science and engineering team, focusing on developing data products that helped millions lead healthier lives. Her team also analyzed Jawbone’s wearable data to derive novel insights about sleep, movement, and food, then turned these insights into smart product features, compelling data stories, and interactive visualizations. At LinkedIn, Monica was one of the early members of the data science team. She developed LinkedIn’s key data products for job matching and recommendations, and she doubled the effectiveness of the “people you may know” machine-learning algorithm that drives the growth of LinkedIn’s connection graph. Monica is also an equity partner at Data Collective, an early-stage VC firm focused on the big data space.

Monica’s data stories have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Time and on NPR and CNN. Fast Company recognized her as one of the 100 most creative people in business, and Fortune named her as one of the Big Data All-Stars. She has published numerous academic papers in top-tier journals and conferences and is frequently invited to keynote industry and academic conferences. She has a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon, where she focused on text mining and machine learning, but is now focused on applied data science.

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Picture of Harro M. Wiersma
Harro M. Wiersma
01/08/2014 8:40pm PST

looking forward to this session, as I’m an UP user … would love to get my own “raw” data sometimes :)