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Making Big Data Cost Effective in a Bare Metal Cloud

Harold Hannon (SoftLayer)
Ballroom F

The cloud provides an easy onramp to building and deploying Big Data solutions, particularly the latest technologies that favor scale-out architectures. Transitioning from initial deployment to a large-scale, highly performant operation without breaking the bank may not be easy.

Understanding the benefits, weaknesses, and performance characteristics of public cloud and bare metal cloud deployments and their cost impacts can help you make the right decisions. The goal is to provide some insight into how to select the correct deployment strategy based on your Big Data application’s needs. This insight is based on our extensive testing while creating Big Data solutions on our bare metal cloud platform as well as various other virtualized deployment options. We will focus on real world deployment strategies and focus on the economic impacts of various deployment strategies at scale.

This session is sponsored by Softlayer

Photo of Harold Hannon

Harold Hannon

Senior Software Architect , SoftLayer

Mr. Hannon has worked in the field of software development as both an architect and developer for more than 15 years, with a focus on workflow, integration and distributed systems. He is currently a senior software architect at SoftLayer on the product innovation team. He has a passion for leveraging open source solutions to bring real value to the Enterprise space, and has implemented open source solutions with many companies across the globe. Mr. Hannon is also active in mobile application development, with multiple published applications.