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Office Hour with Leo Meyerovich

Leo Meyerovich (Graphistry)
Office Hour
Table B

Interested in how to leverage new browser APIs and scale data visualization? Meet with Leo to discuss:

  • GPU: WebGL/WebCL, OpenGL/OpenCL/CUDA, and Superconductor
  • Multicore: web workers, RiverTrail/ParallelJS, ASMJS/NaCL, and compiler tricks
  • Visualization Design: theory & practice, rethinking time series / spatial / heatmap /etc.

The hour will be a great rallying point for those of a similar mind.

Photo of Leo Meyerovich

Leo Meyerovich

CEO, Graphistry

Leo Meyerovich is the founder of Graphistry, whose visualizations enable interacting with 2-3 magnitudes more data than usual in web browsers by automatically exploiting multicore and GPU hardware. Previously, he researched parallel language and browser design at UC Berkeley. Past projects include the Superconductor language for big data visualization, the first parallel web browser, the first reactive web language Flapjax, and the Margrave and ConScript languages for secure web programming. His research has been incorporated into several web browsers and frameworks and received awards at OOPSLA 2009, PLDI 2012, and OOPSLA 2013. If you need to show a lot of data in the browser, he’s your guy.