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Can We Make Big Data Management Easier?

Magda Balazinska (University of Washington)
Hardcore Data Science
Ballroom AB
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Today’s Big Data management systems and services are
increasingly fast but they are not always easy to use. In this talk,
we present recent research results around the theme of facilitating
the management and processing of Big Data. We first present
Presonalized Service Level Agreements, a new type of SLAs for Cloud
services, where users can forget about numbers of instances and bytes
processed. Instead, users upload their data and are shown a
personalized menu of fixed hourly prices associated with different
query performance and capability choices. Second, once users have
access to a data management service, they need to write SQL queries to
explore their data. We present SnipSuggest, an autocompletion tool for
SQL that provides context-aware assistance in the query composition
process. Finally, once the user executes a query, the performance may
be different from what they expected. Here, we describe, PerfXplain, a
tool for explaining the performance of MapReduce jobs running on a
shared-nothing cluster.

Photo of Magda Balazinska

Magda Balazinska

Associate Professor, University of Washington

Magdalena Balazinska is an Associate Professor in the department
of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of
Washington. Magdalena’s research interests are in the field of
database management systems. Her current research focuses on big data
management, sensor and scientific data management, and cloud
computing. Magdalena holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (2006). She is a Microsoft Research New Faculty Fellow
(2007), received an NSF CAREER Award (2009), a 10-year most
influential paper award (2010), an HP Labs Research Innovation Award
(2009 and 2010), a Rogel Faculty Support Award (2006), a Microsoft
Research Graduate Fellowship (2003-2005), and multiple best-paper