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Secrets of Apache Hive Queries and UDFs

Shrikanth Shankar (Qubole Inc.)
Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom J
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Shrikanth Shankar, Qubole’s VP of Engineering, shares his best practices for building high-performance, scalable queries and deploying User Defined Functions (UDFs) to Big Data applications in Apache Hive. For data analysts and data scientists in the trenches, this is a key session to attend. Attendees will have access to one of the best experts on Hive in the world and will learn:

• How to write effective Hive queries
• How to optimize current queries by up to x5 faster
• How to ensure aggregated, accurate results
• How to structure complex HQL queries
• How to combine multiple languages within a query
• Various types of UDFs supported in Hive
• How to discover and use existing UDFs
• Apache Hive’s UDF framework and best practices
• How to develop, deploy, and use custom UDFs
• Overview, including examples of well-written UDFs

Photo of Shrikanth Shankar

Shrikanth Shankar

VP of Engineering, Qubole Inc.

Before coming to Qubole Shrikanth worked at Oracle for 11+ years. His last position at Oracle was as Director of Development in the BI team where among other things he was one of the main contributors to the Oracle Exalytics effort and helped drive the product from conception to release. Before that he worked in the Database team in the SQL/DSS group where he made significant contributions to many different portions of the Oracle stack ranging from Partitioning, SQL Optimization and SQL/Parallel Execution all the way to the Indexing and Data layers.