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Superconductor: Scaling Charts with Design and GPUs

Leo Meyerovich (Graphistry)
GA Ballroom K
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Visualization is a weak link in big data tools: shoving 1MM rows into standard charts breaks their visual design and kills interactivity. In our mission to scale charts, we built the Superconductor language. It automatically compiles declarative visualizations into GPU code (WebCL+WebGL). This talk will explore how we’re redesigning and optimizing core charts like heat maps and line graphs.

The Superconductor compiler can be downloaded at and we’re launching to provide accelerated charts built on top of it.

Photo of Leo Meyerovich

Leo Meyerovich

CEO, Graphistry

Leo Meyerovich researches system and language design at UC Berkeley and is the lead for the Superconductor big data visualization language. His past research explores parallel web browsers, secure JavaScript, and programming language adoption. Earlier, he was the head developer of the Flapjax language for functional reactive web programming.