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Friending Graph Analytics: Large-Scale Graph Processing Made Easy

Ted Willke (Intel)
Data Science
Ballroom AB
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Many organizations are using Apache Hadoop software to store and process data cost-effectively, but extracting knowledge from the data remains a challenge. Advanced techniques like graph analytics are capable of yielding powerful insights into unexpected and unknown relationships but technology adoption is hindered by scarce expertise, laborious workflows, and platforms incapable of constructing and analyzing large-scale graphs. In this talk, Dr. Ted Willke, General Manager of Intel’s Graph Analytics Operation, will discuss Intel’s efforts to deliver a graph cluster solution that is as easy to work with as it is powerful. Ted will present large-scale graph analytics case studies, describe Intel’s open-source based graph cluster platform, and demonstrate how easy it is to program a commercial-quality data workflow.

Photo of Ted Willke

Ted Willke

Principal Engineer, Intel

Ted Willke is a Principal Engineer with Intel and the General Manager of the Graph Analytics Operation in Intel Labs. Before joining Intel Labs in 2010, Ted spent 12 years working on server I/O technologies and standards within Intel’s product and pathfinding organizations. He holds a Doctorate in electrical engineering from Columbia University.