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Navigating the Big Data Vendor Landscape

Edd Wilder-James (Google)
Hadoop and Beyond
GA Ballroom J
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The wonderful thing about big data vendors is that there’s so many of them. Not just the traditional big software players, but a vibrant ecosystem of startups offering innovative data solutions.

Unfortunately, the terrible thing about big data vendors is that there’s so many of them. Anybody implementing data solutions has to navigate this landscape. Who will you choose, and how will your choice affect your future options?

In this talk we’ll present a roadmap to the big data vendor landscape. We’ll touch on topics including:

  • Why having a big data platform is important
  • Understand the business plans of the startups and how likely they are to be around next year
  • How to choose between building and buying in an open source world
  • The tradeoff between quick results and limiting future options

Along the way we’ll bring in real world examples from experience creating big data solutions, and be prepared to answer specific questions from the audience about buying decisions.

Photo of Edd Wilder-James

Edd Wilder-James

Open Source Strategist, TensorFlow, Google

Edd Dumbill is a technologist, writer and programmer based in California. He’s helping drive businesses with data as VP Strategy for Silicon Valley Data Science.

Edd is also the program chair for the O’Reilly Strata and Open Source Convention Conferences, and Editor in Chief of the journal Big Data.

He was the founder and creator of the Expectnation conference management system, and a co-founder of the online intellectual property exchange.

A veteran of open source, Edd has contributed to various projects, such as Debian and GNOME, and created the DOAP Vocabulary for describing software projects.

Edd has written four books, including O’Reilly’s “Learning Rails”. He writes regularly on Google+ and on his blog at