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The Evolution of Business Intelligence at

Jane Kell (
Data Driven Business
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Five years ago, had a well-developed BI capability to support its Sales function but the company struggled to derive insight related to consumer behavior on the site. As the third party automotive classifieds market matured, it became critical to understand how shoppers interact with the site’s core advertising products and to design solutions to increase consumer engagement.

Director of Product Analytics Jane Kell will share the steps is taking to align its BI tools with the needs of the Product Management organization, starting with a menu-based approach to requirements gathering and culminating in changes to the data architecture and the suite of analytic tools. She’ll talk about how they overcame a communication gap between Product Management and IT to achieve a common vision and how they have begun to evolve the data analytics stack to enable exploratory and ultimately prescriptive analytics.

Specific topics include:
•’s menu-based approach to BI requirements gathering
• Challenges of traditional web analytic software and of legacy EDW solutions
• How important is it to have a “single source of the truth?”
• Ongoing dilemmas with rapidly changing data … can you afford to structure the data? Who will maintain the taxonomy? Can you use the data if you don’t?
• Unique challenges of media sites: when your site activity data IS your sales product

This talk is designed for business and IT managers who are seeking to develop a well-functioning, holistic approach to analysis of an online business unit. We think you will walk away with some new ideas and a renewed conviction that it IS possible to align the needs of IT and the business.

Photo of Jane Kell

Jane Kell

Director, Product Analytics,

Direct product analytics function at, overseeing testing of new products and measurement of consumer activity on the core website and mobile properties. Lead team of 6 analysts skilled in web analytics, data mining and predictive modeling. Work closely with IT and Business Intelligence to put in place solutions to enable robust analytics. Built web analytics function at Delta Air Lines and led analytics team in support of Direct Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs.

Specialties: SAS/SQL programming, data visualization, web analytics, project management, marketing measurement, writing/editing

MBA Georgia State University; BA Williams College;
Statistics Advisory Board member, Kennesaw State University