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The Last Mile: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Tools

Wes McKinney (Two Sigma Investments)
Data Science
Ballroom AB
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Tools to make small- and large-scale data analysis faster and more accessible
continue to evolve at a rapid pace. On one end of the accessibility spectrum,
programmatic tools for data preparation and large scale data analytics are
being propelled forward by a variety of open source, academic, and commercial
interests. On the other, self-service or visual analytics and business
intelligence tools have enabled advanced data workflows for many data-driven
professionals formerly disenfranchised by the hitherto technical expertise
required. However, there is still work to be done. In this talk, I’ll take a
critical look at a variety of state of the art tools for each of the major
areas of data analysis: preparation, exploration, modeling, and
collaboration. Where relevant, I’ll illustrate shortcomings in our current
tools, discuss ongoing initiatives to improve the state of the art and
opportunities for the future.

Photo of Wes McKinney

Wes McKinney

Software Architect, Two Sigma Investments

Innovating analytics and data visualization tools. Author of “Python for Data Analysis” from O’Reilly Media. Author of pandas library, contributor to statsmodels. Founder and CEO of DataPad.

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Picture of Nasir Uddin
Nasir Uddin
02/09/2014 4:58am PST

Am very much interested in this talk – evaluation of shortcomings of current data munging tools.