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The Netflix Data Platform - A Recipe for High Business Impact

Kurt Brown (Netflix)
Data in Action
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Netflix is a data-driven company. While “data-driven” is often no more than a lofty buzzword, we’ll discuss how we make it a reality.

We’ll dive into the technologies we use and the philosophies underpinning how we get things done.

We’ll cover our transition to a “cloud-native” data infrastructure (at massive scale), and how this has been a huge enabler for us and is more broadly the “right” way to go.

We’ll talk about how we heavily leverage open source software and how and why we are contributing back (e.g. “Genie” – our Hadoop platform-as-a-service, and “Lipstick” – our Pig visualization and monitoring tool).

We’ll cover our unconventional approach to development, which focuses on enablement / eliminating process. This includes self-service promotion to production (no QA team and no DBAs “approving” your changes) coupled with a rich ecosystem of tools and automation.

The goal of this presentation is for you to walk away with your head spinning on new and better ways to get the most out of the data at your company.

Photo of Kurt Brown

Kurt Brown

Director, Data Platform, Netflix

Kurt leads the Data Platform team at Netflix. His group architects and manages the technical infrastructure that enables Netflix’s data-centric decision making. The Netflix data platform includes both traditional BI tools (e.g. Teradata and MicroStrategy) and various Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Hive, and Pig).