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Big Data for Better Data Centers

Krishna Raj Raja (Cloudphysics), Balaji Parimi (Cloudphysics)
Machine Data
Mission City M
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Despite all the recent advancements in the operations management field, data center management today still largely remains as a black art. Administrators have limited visibility into their data center operations today and yet they have to make important operations management decisions every day. A typical data center generates about a Billion data points every day. A lot of insight could be gathered from this data but due to the large volume and scale, on-premise software solutions only collect limited subset of this data. This limits them to a very narrow view of the data center. We at CloudPhysics have taken a different approach to this problem. We created an analytics platform in the cloud, that provides the ability to query, slice and dice and mashup the data with multiple data-sources. This approach not only yields incredible insights but also solves many of the teething operational management issues that have not been solved before. In this talk we give an overview of the data center metadata and provide details on how CloudPhysics handles this data at scale using its platform.

Photo of Krishna Raj Raja

Krishna Raj Raja

Member of Founding Team, Cloudphysics

Krishna Raj Raja is currently a member of Cloudphysics founding team. Prior to this he has been with VMware for over 10 years specifically focussing on virtualization core platform performance. Krishna has given several popular talks at VMware VMworld conferences.

Photo of Balaji Parimi

Balaji Parimi

V.P. of Engineering, Cloudphysics

Balaji is founding member of the CloudPhysics team and currently runs the Engineering organization here. Prior to this Balaji has been with VMware for 5 years leading the platform management SDK team. Balaji is a regular speaker at VMworld, Technology Exchange, and various VMware User Group conferences.