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The Urgent Need to Appify Big Data

Ryan Cunningham (ClipCard)
GA Ballroom K
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Despite all the hype, we’re failing at big data. IDC estimates that more than 90% of newly collected data is never analyzed or applied. OECD reports that the productivity growth rate for information workers has slowed dramatically over the last decade. The ability to collect, store, and process massive volumes of information isn’t actually living up to the promise of delivering better decisions.

The problem is that human cognition doesn’t scale at the rate of Hadoop clusters. The skills and systems we’ve come to rely on in a small data world are straining under the flawed expectation that more complex infrastructure should justify more complicated experiences.

It’s time to push back on this implicit cultural acceptance of end-user complexity. The move toward mobile-friendly analytics dashboards is a good start, but we can and must go further. Let’s rethink the way humans are empowered to make decisions — not just through the presentation of facts, but with the design of smart experiences.

This session will lay out a vision for using design thinking built on metadata to connect people to information in a world where complexity is inevitable and technology alone is insufficient.

It will challenge the audience to:

  • Rethink the role of design as being fundamental to the process of human cognition, far beyond the aesthetics of visualization
  • Focus on metadata as an under-explored building block in the future of information design
  • Apply the principles of consumer app culture to guide an approach to enterprise decision-making in a big data context
Photo of Ryan Cunningham

Ryan Cunningham

Product VP, ClipCard

I’m a creative strategist and product designer who believes that progress takes more than technology alone.

I’ve worked on the front lines of brand development with some of the world’s most forward-thinking creative agencies and have pursued research around identity politics and decision making in the mediated environment. I’m currently leading the experience design effort for ClipCard, which involves rethinking the way people and information connect in a big data world.