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Deploying a Data Sciences Team -- The Promise and the Pitfalls

Diane Chang (Intuit)
Data Driven Business
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Intuit formed its first Data Sciences group in 2008. From inception until 2012, Intuit’s data scientists operated from a central organization and leveraged their unique expertise like “consultants” assigned to a specific project and “client” from the business unit. In October, 2012, Intuit began piloting an “embedding” strategy that places a data scientist deep within a business unit product team to use their expertise as part of the team rather than just “consulting” on a project. Since then, the embedding program has grown and currently 6 data scientists/analysts from the central organization have joined product teams across the company. Success has been mixed and in this talk we will describe the pros and cons of the two ways of deploying data scientists within the organization, as well as the key ingredients we found are necessary for great outcomes.

Photo of Diane Chang

Diane Chang

Senior Data Scientist, Intuit

Diane Chang is a Senior Data Scientist at Intuit. During her tenure at Intuit, Diane has worked with the Consumer Group to perform in-depth behavioral analysis of the TurboTax online customers, and has explored the business impact of both online advertising spend and utilization of customer care services. More recently she has been involved in an embedding pilot where she joined the QuickBooks Financing team to use data to improve the likelihood of a QuickBooks small business obtaining financing.

Diane has a PhD in Operations Research from Stanford and has worked for a small “mathematical” consulting firm, and a start-up in the online advertising space. Prior to joining Intuit Diane was a stay-at-home mom for 6 years.