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9 Levers for Converting Big Data and Analytics into Results

Data Driven Business
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The 2013 update to IBM’s Big Data Analytics Survey examines in-depth the key components (people, process, technology, culture, leadership and governance) required for organizations to excel at deriving value from their information assets (structured/unstructured, streaming/static, big data/little data) in a digital landscape that includes big data, mobile and cloud technologies.

Analytics study points

> To identify the drivers of value among an organization’s capabilities to execute analytics based on the unique perspective* of the organization.
> To provide benchmarks by which an organization can objectively evaluate its current capabilities.
> To provide guidance to organizations on how to increase the ability to create value by selective and strategic development of its analytic capabilities based on its unique perspective*.

*Note: “Unique perspective” could be defined as industry, strategic objective, geography or market size

Specific detail:
> Survey data will cover the breadth of capabilities required for analytics: people, process and technology (including but not limited to big data, cloud and mobile)
> Survey data will be analyzed to determine which level of capabilities combine to drive the greatest value based on such characteristics as strategic objective (e.g. customer-centric, enterprise risk management), levels of performance and competitive advantage, industry, geography and/or market size.
> The study will not focus on any one specific industry or technology.

Photo of Christy Maver

Christy Maver

Big Data, Product Marketing Manager, IBM

Christy has 14 years of experience with technology marketing and 12 years at IBM. She was one of the founding members of IBM’s Institute for Business Value, which provides leading edge thought leadership and practical insights for business executives.

Prior to joining IBM, Ms. Maver worked as an insurance industry consultant at a small dot-com that was eventually acquired by IBM. She holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University. Ms. Maver is also a certified Bikram Yoga instructor who currently teaches at the Downtown Los Angeles studio.