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Sending Millions of Surveys Around the World on Mobile Phones

Max Richman (Mobile Accord - GeoPoll)
Connected World
Mission City M
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In February 2013, there will be as many mobile phones as people on planet earth. Today, more people have access to mobiles than water or electricity. Many companies are racing to reach these “next billions” whether it is Facebook (zero) and or Google and Loon or others.

We have been working to reach the same group over the last 5 years via increasingly ubiquitous “dumb” or simple handset phones and have learned much about user experience and partnership building. Which days of the week are best for polling? Which times of day? How much do phone penetration and literacy matter? How about multiple languages? How much does offering an incentive help? Who is best to partner with as we scale?

We’ve also learned from our stumbles. How do we make sure that messages are not lost in transmission? And when does cloud work and when does it not?

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Max Richman

Data Scientist, Mobile Accord - GeoPoll

Data Scientist focused on international development and emerging markets. Has worked with foundations, governments, non-profits, and private firms large and small around the world to help them monitor, evaluate, and communicate their impact. Recognized DataKind “Data Hero.”