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Big Data for Big Power: Smart Meters ≠ Smart Grid

Brett Sargent (LumaSense Technologies Inc.)
Machine Data
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Smart meters may be the most visible element of the so-called smart grid, but how smart can the grid be if the plants producing the energy are dumb?

To ensure the integrity of the grid, every stage of our electrical power infrastructure – including generation, transmission and distribution – has to get ”smart.” With power consumption growing an average 3-5% per year globally, the average age of a power transformer in the US is 30-40 years, and many are facing end-of-life issues.

Sophisticated sensors connected to software platforms that continuously gather, visualize and analyze data in real time to produce actionable insights are critical to preserving our aging energy assets and keeping the electricity flowing.

The challenge is making sense of the continuous flood of data these online sensors generate. For example, a single infrared camera produces 76,400 pixels of data at a rate of 60 frames/second – 300 megabytes of data every second!

This presentation will explore the following issues:

• How can utilities get the information needed to continuously monitor the health of transformers and other energy infrastructure assets in order to keep the grid running strong?

• How can power companies manage the influx of data in order to interpret information quickly and separate the noise from the necessary?

• How do operators get critical information back to the people and systems to control it … without stressing and breaking the existing communications infrastructure?

• How do you store the flood of data so it can be extracted, analyzed and acted upon?

• Given cyber security challenges, how do you keep all this data secure?

• How can data flows be integrated into controls and be “automated?”

• What are the barriers to adopting new M2M technologies for the energy grid and how can they be overcome?

Photo of Brett Sargent

Brett Sargent

VP/CTO, LumaSense Technologies Inc.

Brett has over 20 years of industry experience including leadership roles at DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Exelon Nuclear and General Electric, where he was Global Sales Leader for the GE Energy T&D Products division. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power School. Brett holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Widener University, an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in International Business from Georgia State University.

Lumasense Technologies is an innovator in sensor technology and has worked with the electrical industry for over 30 years, including the world’s leading power producers and energy transmitters. Customers include Southern Company, China State Grid, PG&E, MSETCL (India) and National Grid (U.K.)

LumaSense helps customers awaken their “6th Sense” by coupling sophisticated sensors with Big Data analytics software to prevent more than $1 trillion lost annually due to waste and inefficiency.